What else can you do but taking snapshots of the life while it happens at the place which you are expecting it will disappear.
— Thorsten Strasas.

TXL and me.

With a long distance relationship you have a lot of time to kill while waiting at airports. That's how it all began.

When I started to take snapshots at Berlin's aiport Tegel (TXL) back in 2010, I restricted myself to my mobile phone always using the same app with the same filter and only at TXL.

Back then I expected to do a short series as Berlin's new airport was planned to be opened in 2012. But well... it seems we still have a long way to go. At least until 2020 or whatever.

So the last days of TXL are now lasting more than seven years and I kept on to photograph the life between arrival and departure. Between the rush and the silent moments.



2015-08-02 20.10.51_sq_srgb_1200px.jpg